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Blog Topics

These topics are suggestions to get you thinking, and you are welcome to approach them from whatever direction feels right. If something doesn’t apply to you directly, forego it or adjust the topic so that it fits. Please include “Deepening Resilience” in the title and/or tags of your blog post, to help people recognize the project.

There are no experts when it comes to building ecological resilience, because each of our communities are unique. No one who joins this project has all of the answers. Your personal experience and skill set is needed; please engage from wherever and however you are.

Ready? Send us your work.

Topic 1 What does ecological resilience look or feel like?
Topic 2 What are your fears about climate change? What barriers to preparedness do you face?
Topic 3 How do you experience ecological grief? How can communities respond to environmental trauma?
Topic 4 What does your community need to do to prepare for climate change? How could your community ensure all people (especially the poor, elderly, disabled, and other marginalized people) are taken care of?
Topic 5 How do you practice reciprocity with the earth in addressing climate change? How do you make Earth Day every day?
Topic 6 How can we work with the spirits of land, deities, and ancestors as we address climate change and build resilience?
Topic 7 How do we engage with the built and cultivated environments (e.g., urban areas, domesticated plants, gardens) as we address climate change and build resilience?

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