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Deepening Resilience is a community blog project, the first step towards what will hopefully become thriving conversations and pagan community responses to climate change. Joining the conversation is easy. Take a look at the blog topics and then send us your writing (or video, art, etc.). While our official launch is March 1, 2019, you are welcome to join at anytime, addressing the topic of the week or starting from the beginning. Some of the topics may be new to you, or they may spark additional ideas, so a resource list is provided; we are continually updating this list, and welcome your contributions as well.

We hope this project sparks action in our communities. At the conclusion of the blog project, we will assess interest in additional topics, discussion forums, online events, and skill-sharing. Please let us know how this project impacts you, and please help us rise above the algorithms and social media noise by sharing with your community.

This project is initiated and maintained by Syren Nagakyrie, sparked in conversations on their social media in which she posed some of the questions on this site. Syren thanks the initial contributors who helped give shape and form to the project. Syren also offers gratitude to the land that has rooted in her heart; the Quileute, Hoh, Quinault, S’Klallam and Makah are the Indigenous peoples of this place now known as the (western and northern) Olympic Peninsula. While this project is focused on increasing conversations within the Pagan community, it must be acknowledged that we are speaking about Native Land, and descendants of settlers owe great respect to Indigenous Knowledge and reparations to the First Nations.

A comic in four squares. The first square shows a green bird hanging their head on a brown background. Two text bubbles are above the bird: Hey. Caring about climate change can be isolating and overwhelming. The second square. The bird is joined by a teal bird and a red bird hanging their heads. Two text bubbles read: Most of us are concerned about climate change, but we don't talk about it very often. So everyone thinks that nobody cares. The third square: Six birds in a variety of colors with their heads up, looking at one another. Four musical notes indicating speaking. Two text bubbles read: But you're not alone. You're part of a huge crowd that's working on this problem. And we have solid solutions. The fourth square: the birds have their heads raised high. Many music notes fill the square. Three text bubbles read: It's not just you. It's we. And we need your voice.
Comic by Bird and Moon. Description in Alt text.

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