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Climate Change.

That phrase brings up a number of reactions – most commonly fear or avoidance. But what if we could shift the conversation? What if pagans, animists, polytheists, and other spiritual practitioners have something unique to add?

Some of the most pressing questions of our time relate to building resilience in the face of increasing threats to our physical, emotional, and spiritual safety. How do we build communities of care that embrace people and place? How can we address the harm of environmental injustice? How do we ensure all beings retain their agency in difficult circumstances? How do we develop emergency preparedness that is not based in hoarding resources, that does not dismiss the poor, elderly, and disabled as irrelevant or burdensome?

We believe that our communities hold keys to resilience that can benefit the human and the more-than-human worlds. We believe in our communities to look deep into the shadow of climate change, and seek the possibilities that it holds.

This project is a platform for these conversations, for the dreaming and sharing that must take place. You are not alone. We invite you to join the conversation. You are also welcome to our Facebook group.

A photo of a tree with exposed roots stretching across a washed out cliff. It is sunset and the image is golden in color. The quarter moon rises in the sky. Text above the tree reads Deepening Resilience. Text below the tree reads earth-based responses to climate change. A photo watermark at the bottom right credits Syren Nagakyrie.
Photo by Syren Nagakyrie. Description in Alt-text.

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