Remembering Resilience – Syren Nagakyrie

“As humans are a part of complex ecological systems, our resilience is intimately tied with ecological resilience. We can see this writ large as we reach peak oil and the climate changes. Human actions have threatened life on the planet, and now our lives are threatened by environmental disasters, changes to food and water supplies, and of course, each other. One of the greatest challenges we face in climate change may not be the ecological changes themselves; it may be the reactions of people in power, the violence that is sure to escalate as resources dwindle, the disaster capitalists and war-mongers that swoop in to take advantage of the chaos. We must always remember that those who suffer the most are people who contributed the least to climate change, who are already marginalized, who have had their resources stolen. These are the people – and it includes many of you reading this – who I worry about, and who I hope can develop resilience in themselves and in their communities.”

“I do believe that humans remembering our place within the great web of life is the kind of humbling and empowering medicine that we need in the age of the Anthropocene. The world is suffering, and it will take our hearts, our minds, and our service to ease that suffering.

This is where my work towards resilience rests. I envision resilience in the place where the spiritual-social-ecological meets.”

“The way that I work towards developing spiritual-social-ecological resilience is by engaging in practices that reconnect me with the web of life, and then by helping others find their own connections. Two practices that you can try follow.”

Read the entire article at Remembering Resilience – Call of the Syren

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